Facilities Management

Recognizing that we could not possibly provide all the solutions to our clients’ facility management needs, our emphasis when it comes to Facility Management is to insist that we work only with the best service partners in the industry.

Hard Facilities Management

Our wide knowledge base of managing different types of properties means that our teams of multi-skilled engineers have the experience to deliver safe, innovative and efficient maintenance solutions

Soft Facilities Management

Done properly, soft facilities management provides both a cleaner working environment and helps to make a far more efficient environment, whether it’s an office, cultural building or any other sort of property.


Boost Revenue. Engage Your Customers.

Established since 2015 in Abu Dhabi, Success Line is an industry leading facilities management company in UAE which offers a wide range of facilities management services delivered through a fully integrated platform that is flexible, comprehensive and complete.

At Success Line, innovation is all about problem-solving and proactive research – making things better, easier, more cost effective or more efficient for our clients and for our industry. The world around us is transforming at a rapid pace. So must we. More than that, we need to stay one step ahead.

Our innovative approach and concept of the structure is aimed at vertically integrating the business allowing each client to benefit from the expertise of each service beyond their expectation.

Our Services

Economic Services Provided By The Finance Industry

Electrical & Mechanical Plant and Equipment

Plumbing & Hydraulic Systems

Fire Safety & Emergency Systems

Building Management Systems (BMS) Controls

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Lifts & Conveyors

Safety and Security Systems

Building Fabric & Structure

Help Desk Operations.


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